NYU One Day 2020—Postponed

NYU One Day is coinciding with an unprecedented and uncertain time in our community. This has been keenly felt on all campuses.

With respect to that, we have decided to postpone NYU One Day until further notice. We feel at this time, it is paramount that focus be directed towards what matters most – your loved ones and your safety.

While the date of this online event is changing, what has not changed is the need for us to join together as a community, one that is centered on perseverance, fortitude, and care. You may hear from us in the coming days on ways you can do just that – and we hope we can count on your continued support at that time.

For now, please continue to take care of yourself and look out for one another.

NYU One Day—Postponement FAQs:

I already made a gift. What happens now?

Firstly, thank you for your generosity! Once NYU One Day does take place, we will count you as one of our early supporters. However if you would like a refund, please email us at nyuoneday@nyu.edu so we may assist you.

What will be the new date of NYU One Day?

Given the rapid changes we are all experiencing, we are unable to set a formal date at this time. We will, however, be in touch as soon as that decision is made.

Are NYU One Day events also canceled?

While in-person events on campuses have been canceled, please check for reminders pertaining to events in your region.

I thought this was mostly an online effort—why are we postponing?

As a University, we felt it critical to respect the feelings and concerns of our community. We are aiming to provide the space and time for everyone to recalibrate and make necessary adjustments to their day-to-day lives. We are hopeful (and excited) that when the timing is more appropriate, we can join together once again, in support of this effort. We look forward to an amazing turnout!

Okay. Thank you for the notification. Are there ways I can still be involved with NYU?

Yes—of course. Over the coming weeks, the University is exploring virtual ways to bring our community together. Be on the lookout for more news to follow!

How do I find information about NYU's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Please see the NYU Coronavirus Information and Resources webpage.

Thank you! How can I continue to support students at this time?

Thank you for asking. Learn how to support emergency relief for our students and the University.