Thank you to the NYU community for making NYU One Day 2024 a huge success! This year we raised more than $11.4M to help bring student dreams to life. You showed your commitment to today’s NYU students by donating, volunteering, giving back, and by believing in their talents and dreams. 


To allow students to flourish; that is our goal at NYU. Scholarships can help get students to NYU. Once here, support of the NYU Fund and the President's Priorities Fund allows NYU to reach their dreams: 

  • Buy a Book! — $100 can offset the cost of a book for courses from Astrophysics to Youth Writing Workshops
  • Buy a Meal! — $2,500 can offset the cost of a meal plan, so students can access nutritious and regular meals on campus while they focus on their studies.
  • Buy a Bed! — $5,000 can offset housing costs, enabling students to experience all there is to offer in the city and with the NYU community.